Kumkum serial cast

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Kumkum serial cast

Kumkum Bhagya is the most popular serial of Zee TV. It premiered on 15 April first time on Zee TV. This show is loved by every Indian family and watched in every house of India. The show becomes very popular in very less time and became the highest watched show with highest TRP in Kumkum bhagya has many stars cast and in this article, you will know about them. But before proceeding you know some basic things of the serial. Later, the show shifted around the love story of Abhi and Pragya.

Kumkum Bhagya is broadcasting on television from the past 5 years. Many stars joined this show and many left it still the serial was never boring due to its story. Here are the names of Kumkum Bhagya Star cast who are working currently with the serial. Sriti Jha was born on 26 Feb in Begusarai district of Bihar.

Since She has been playing the role of Pragya in Kumkum Bhagya. Sriti has worked in many TV Shows and here is the list of shows in which she worked. Due to the popularity of the character Pragya, Sriti has won many awards for this character.

Here is the list of award won by Sriti.

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Shabbir Ahluwalia is an Indian TV actor. He was born on 10 August in Mumbai Maharastra. He has hosted reality shows such as Nach Baliye, Dancing Queen. He made his debut in Bollywood with the Movie Shootout at Lokhandwala. Leena Jumani is an Indian actress and model. She plays the role of Tanu in Kumkum bhagya serial.Kumkumapoovu English: Saffron is a Malayalam language soap opera that appeared on Asianet. It comprised episodes. The first episode aired on January 31, and ended on February 1, The soap was telecasted on Monday to Friday at 9 pm and then shifted the timing to pm.

It was one of the top rated serials in Malayalam. It breaks all the trp rating record of Malayalam television serials since to It is one of the best serials ever made in Malayalam. This serial was the milestone of Actress Asha Sharath to enterd on Bigscreen. It tells the story of professor Jayanthi and her illegitimate daughter Shalini. Renowned Malayalam actor G.

Series Cast & Crew

Pillai made his comeback through this serial. Due to popular demand it retelecast in Asianet and Asianet plus more than 6 times. After the climax audience requested to the second part of the series. Jayanthi and her illegitimate daughter Shalini were separated at Shalini's birth, with Jayanthi misled into believing her daughter had died while in fact the girl was raised for a time by a butcher, Markose, who treated her unkindly.

The two are destined to reunite. Rescued from the unkind butcher, Shalini was raised in a better home with a foster brother, Mahesh. Jayanthi must come to terms with her feelings about the daughter she believed dead. Later Shalini married Rudran [who is a local goonda]. In the climax, Rudran is murdered by an enemy,Shalini becomeS a widow and finds her father and mother. But, unfortunately, she loses both of them.

Jayanti dies due to an accident and Jitan[father of Shalini] dies due to the shock of Jayanthis death. In the last scene of the serial show, Shalini starts a new journey with her daughter alone. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. This article has multiple issues. Please help improve it or discuss these issues on the talk page.The story is about a professor and his illegitimate daughter across situations.

Destiny reunited them by rescuing her from him.

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Shalini was then cared in a home by Mahesh. Shalini then marries Rudran who is a rowdy who was later murdered by his enemy. Now Shalini becomes a widow and searches for her parents and finds that they are no more. At last Shalini begins a new life with her daughter.

Real NAME of Kumkum Bhagya Star Cast

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kumkum serial cast

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Kumkuma Puvvu Serial Wiki, Episodes, Cast & Crew | Star Maa TV

Entertainment 8 months ago. Entertainment 4 months ago. Latest News 4 months ago. Latest News 3 months ago.When the story started as Kumkum Bhagya, it was based on two sisters, Pragya and Bulbul and the problems faced by them.

Television Snippets. Author: Editorial Team. Here are some of the characters who make the show watch: Sriti Jha — Pragya never gets old with first fighting for her love interest husband Abhi and now fighting for her daughters. Sriti played in various TV shows but got fame after Kumkum Bhagya. The actor tried his hand right from TV to Bollywood but, found his love in the TV industry and is ruling the show since then. From being the caring and loving husband to father of two daughters, Abhishek came a long way.

She is the second twin named Rhea Mehra. Krishna Kaul — The year-old, interestingly, was on his Roadies journey when he was offered the lead role in Kumkum Bhagya, post the generation leap. And today, Krishna has managed to take his place amid the crowd of young actors on the small screen. Still, like the old or happy with the new cast? Vote here.

Also Read. Some of the interesting facts about Kumkum Bhagya.

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Which is your favorite Memory of Abhigya from Kumkum Bhagya? Divyanka Tripathi and Sriti Jha set ethnic style goals! Kumkum Bhagya: Abhi and Pragya's romantic eye lock moment. Kumkum Bhagya: Abhi and Kiara's cute moment will melt your heart. Abhi Pragya's hit-and-miss moments from Kumkum Bhagya. Latest stories. Load More. Accept terms privacy policy. Subscribe Now.Sign In. Purab Khanna 1, episodes, Shikha Singh Poorvi 34 episodes, Faisal Rashid Pammi Mehra 26 episodes, Ajay Trehan Ritik 18 episodes, Vivana Singh Tarun 17 episodes, Ravi Chauhan Robin 13 episodes, Anjum Fakih Amanda 9 episodes, Shraddha Arya Preeta Arora 9 episodes, Aparna Mishra Sahaana 9 episodes, Neiil Motwani Neel Thakur 8 episodes, Pratik Parihar Manohar 8 episodes, Roma Bali King's Aunt 8 episodes, Richa Rathore Inspector Neeraj Pandey 7 episodes, Jaanvi Sangwan Beeji 7 episodes, Sharhaan Singh Mandy 6 episodes, Asha Sharma Swarni Dadi 6 episodes, Dheeraj Dhoopar Karan Luthra 5 episodes, Nitin Goswami Dushyant Rana 4 episodes, Manit Joura Rishabh Luthra 4 episodes, Vijay Kashyap Sheila 4 episodes, Varun Joshi Anshul 3 episodes, Bobby Khanna Tanu's Father 3 episodes, Kiran Bhargava Mitali Mehra 2 episodes, Radha Israni Swarni Dadi 2 episodes, Ruhi Chaturvedi Sherlyn Khuraana 2 episodes, Sanjay Gagnani Sunny 2 episodes, Mehul Kajaria Vikram 2 episodes, Khyaati Khandke Keswani Meera 2 episodes, Vishal SinghThe series started as the story of Pragya, Bulbul and their mother Sarla Arora's hope to see them married.

Later, the show revolved around Abhi and Pragya. On 18 Marchafter Abhi and Pragya's separation, a twenty-year leap was introduced. Pragya and Bulbul help their mother Sarla run the Kumkum Bhagya marriage hall. The series begins with a short-lived love triangle involving Pragya — Suresh — Bulbul, leading to the cancellation of Pragya's engagement with Suresh. Rockstar Abhishek "Abhi" is in a relationship with supermodel Tanushree "Tanu".

Purab Khanna is Abhishek's best friend and music handler and hires Bulbul at his advertising agency. He falls in love with Bulbul despite being engaged to Abhi's sister Aliya. Aliya misunderstands that Purab is seeing Pragya and Abhi marries Pragya to keep her from ruining Aliya's relationship with Purab. Post-marriage, Pragya realizes the truth and accepts the blame to protect Bulbul.

On his wedding day, Purab abandons Aliya and comes clean to everyone about his love for Bulbul. Various situations and circumstances bring Abhishek and Pragya closer. Abhi reconciles with Purab and Bulbul and gets them married. Desperate to get Abhi back, Tanu fakes a DNA report to imply that he is the father of her unborn child, which is actually the result of a one-night stand between her and Nikhil.

Pragya realises the truth but suffers an accident and is declared dead, before she could reveal the truth to Abhi.

Pragya returns to exact revenge on her wrongdoers by becoming the owner of Abhi's properties. Bulbul risks her life and dies while saving Pragya from Aliya. The season ends with Pragya exposing Tanu and winning back Abhi's trust. However, Abhishek gets into an accident and loses his memory. He forgets the last two-and-a-half years of his life, including Pragya who has to leave him for his own good.

Abhi and Pragya came across each-other once again, the meeting results to their friendship where Abhi is still unaware of who she is. On his wedding day with Tanu, Abhi regains his memory but he soon loses Pragya for she is shot by some goons and falls into a dam. However, after several sequences with her look alike named Munni, Pragya finally recovers from coma and reconciles with Abhi.A lovely bond is an Indian television series that aired on Star Plus that premiered on July 15 in the afternoon slot of Star Plus.

The soap opera tells the tale of the Wadhwa family and its daughter-in-law, Kumkum. She is happily married to Jatin.

kumkum serial cast

However, he dies of a brain tumor while she is expecting their first child. The Wadhwas decide to get their young daughter-in-law remarried, and find an eligible young man named Vishal. However, when obstacles arise leading and the marriage is called off on the last day, Jatin's younger brother Sumit impulsively marries Kumkum in order to save her from societal disgrace.

The crux of the story evolves as a blossoming romance between Sumit and Kumkum leads them to realise that they are soulmates and how Kumkum being the ideal daughter-in-law of the Wadhwa family protects Sumit's family despite the adverse circumstances facing them. Manik[an impostor bearing Jatin's face] creates havoc in their lives but Kumkum exposes his fake identity and unites with Sumit. Kumkum gives birth to Sharman and Aashka[Sumit and Kumkum's progeny].

Sumit and Kumkum's story continues with their grown-up kids Dhruv, Sharman and Aashka and Kumkum's role of establishing harmony in the Wadhwa family. Dhruv's wife Antara plans an elaborate ruse to usurp the Wadhwa property and house to herself,but her plans are foiled after Sumit and Kumkum unveil her truth to Dhruv.

Sharman who is in deep love with Neeti gets engaged to her,but when Dhruv refuses to accept Siya on the day of the wedding owing to his feelings for Antara,Sharman impulsively marries Siya. Siya is disappointed and vents her frustration at the Wadhwa family,but she ventually forgives Sharman and confesses her feelings of love for him and Sumit Kumkum are finally happy to see the Wadhwa family stable.

Unfortunately both Kumkum and Sumit die before they complete a ritual that would enable them to be soulmates by Pulkit Kumkum's ex-stalker who conspires to kill Sumit. The shot misses Sumit, but Kumkum is shot dead and Sumit kills himself, unable to bear the separation.

Sumit and Kumkum are reborn as prophesied again without any memory of their past life. In the new life Sumit and Kumkum initially hate each other, but fall in deep love all over again owing to unusual circumstances, prompting them to be a false husband and wife in front of their family members.

Kumkum Bhagya Serial Cast, Real Name, Wiki, Schedule, ZEE TV

When they finally realise their love for each other, they are separated due to a misunderstanding between the Raichand and Mishra families and later by a series of new obstacles but eventually reunite in the end.

Sumit marries Kumkum and Harshwardhan and Rajeshwari Wadhwa accompany them to the sacred pilgrimage site where their lives ended in the previous birth.

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The show ends with memories of the idealistic couple who demonstrated that love finds a way back and is undying and immortal. Sumit and Kumkum complete the sacred ritual at this place, finally uniting together forever.

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This soap received the highest ratings in the afternoon slot becoming one of the longest ran afternoon drama. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Redirected from Kumkum TV series. Outlook India.

kumkum serial cast

Archived from the original on 4 April The Tribune. The Times of India. India Today. Indian Television. Biz Asia. Retrieved 4 April Current broadcasts on StarPlus. Dadi Amma Dadi Amma Maan Jaao! Dil Jaise Dhadke


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